Events, Rituals & Trainings

B = Belgium, P = Portugal, H = Holland

Rite of the Womb – Sunday 29 November with Full Moon – more info (Aljezur, P) 

Ceremonial two-days with temazcal – 29-30 December with Full Moon (Aljezur, P) – ask info

Celebrate from Old to New 31 December- 1 Januari – Sacred Sweatlodge (Aljezur, P) – more info fb

Breathe & Sweat your Heart open – Sacred Rooted sexuality for Women – Sunday 10 January 2021 (Aljezur, P) with Daniela Mar

Initiation Ñusta Karpay – awakening the feminine energy – 15-16 January 2021 – Ñusta Karpay.Aljezur Portugal.docx (Aljezur, P)

Retreat Wise Playful Woman – ask flyer – in spring, (Aljezur, P) from 15-21 February 2021 – FLYER Wise playful woman.februari 2021

Rituals, ceremonies, initiations or sweatlodges & temazcales on location

Initiations & Rituals from the Andes & Amazone – info

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our Retreat Centre in Portugal:

in Dutch: light hearted interviews with Judith Lamboo on Wise Playful Woman/ Nederlands: interviews met Judith Lamboo rond aarde energie, zweethutten

21 september 2020: Over de equinox, rituelen en initiaties

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