About Veerle Phara

My name is Veerle Phara (°8/8/1967), Earth & Fire keeper, Sweatlodge & Medicine Woman

My heart and soul mission on earth is healing and transformation of feminine energy.

I was born in Belgium, but I feel like a child of Pacha Mama, mother earth worldwide. My name has Germanic roots and comes from PharaHilde, which literally means Female Travelling Warrior. My life has been intertwined with the world since birth, by living, working, guiding groups, researching indigenous cultures. As a young adult we lived in North America for a few years, back in Belgium I studied art history and travelled and lived in Spain and Latin America. As a child I was already passionate about dance, yoga and movement, but also about nature, the vast fields, the ocean and shamanism.

I have long lived, worked and traveled in Latin America and was initiated into the holistic visions, rituals and ceremonies of indigenous cultures through intense work and life experiences. My Chilean life story after the dictatorship, living at the foot of the Pacific Ocean in a primitive paradise, was like a balance between life and survival, searching for new authentic values of my own. Leander and Sara Yula, my two beautiful adolescents, carry Chilean blood in their genes, fusing West and South. Slowly it became clear in my life that it is my life journey to break down barriers at every level, to bring people, cultures and especially women together, to let them meet and re-invent who they really are …

I took a bachelor’s degree in intercultural communication and management (Cimic) in Thomas More Mechelen, where I coordinated the Latin America module for many years. I still teach religion and syncretism in Latin America and the views of shamans worldwide on disease and healing. Through the years I have specialized in these themes. For years I also gave training to guides and tour guides (CVO) on intercultural communication, sustainable tourism and nature religions (animism, shamanism) worldwide.

As a Fire & Earth Keeper, I give sweatlodges & temazcales, firewalks, rituals, ceremonies and training about the world. My passion for sweatlodges is great and deep, it is like a temple of earth, a place to come home to your body, get rid of all masks, outwardly clean and shining and sinking into yourself. regain balance and become one with all the elements, re-invent who you really are and crawl out of the womb of Mother Earth again. Together with my partner Yves we have been giving fire keeper training and shamanism & sweat lodge training for years. I give sweatlodges for women and together with Yves sweatlodges & temazcales for mixed groups. 

Astrologically I am a double lion, there is a lot of fire in me. I love fire and it is an important part of my daily life, as a fire keeper. I honor the feminine power of Grandmother fire. 

Through various trainings but especially through intense experiences, I grew to be a shamanic and therapeutic coach. Through initiations, ceremonies and rituals I walk the path from Pampamesayoq to a Paqa, an Andes medicine woman. I am fascinated by coaching groups and people, and feel the passion to open people’s minds and consciousness, to create a dynamic that connects people in a living web of experiences, feelings, thoughts, intentions … I guide ceremonial journeys through Latin America, this magical beautiful continent.

I give healings, organize and coach ceremonies and continue to immerse myself in the energetic path. My main source of healing is Pachamama, Mother Earth, and the feminine wisdom and energy of indigenous cultures worldwide, including our own Celtic tradition. After years of deepening the wisdom of the Incas through the Q’ eros, I also received my initiation as an Inca priestess, baptized in the cold waters of the sacred Lake Titicaca near Isla de la Luna, the island of the Moon (Bolivia). Through the Obod path I also delve into rituals and the path of the Druids, sinking and more searching for my Celtic and Germanic roots … Goddess cultures from all over the world fascinate me. A few years ago I travelled to Malta and Gozo.

The Goddess sent me a clear message: bring back our memory… All the work together with women and my own life path, related to a deep desire to realize something bigger in the world for and by women, led me to the creation and inspiration of a Belgian women’s festival, but also as a member of the Hieros Gamos festival in which I am Keeper of Grandmother fire on the women’s field, and the intense cooperation in the Lorelei women’s festival Netherlands, where I give temazcales. It is part of the healing work of feminine energy on a more universal level.

Women need to connect, to be in circles, to flow together within a safe framework in order to develop themselves and grow in consciousness.

Yoga, dance, movement and meditation are wonderful passions that help me to ground and come home to myself. Yoga and dance have been part of my life for 35 years. I prefer an intuitive, contextual and creative way to guide and coach people and educate adults. Dance & Play is a creation in which we make a journey through the 7 energetic centers of the chakras, slowly growing through dance, movement, breathing … to joyful, creative beings. Lately I have been immersing myself in grounding yoga, centering deeply in myself and in the earth, and landing even deeper in my body and consciousness.

I held a Vision Quest in April 2017, where I spent 4 days and 4 nights alone in the mountains of Spain. An intense and miraculous experience, during which I received a Vision around my mission on earth: healing and transformation of feminine energy.

Yves is my soul partner, we met in a ceremony with sweatlodge. Organizing and guiding sweatlodges, temazcales, ceremonies and rituals, is each time a challenge to coach others in a magical process between male and female energy, between fire and stones, the sun and the moon, between pachamama, the spirits and the elements of nature, the four wind directions, guides and ancestors. Each time different, healing, transforming, creative, connected with hearts, cultures, souls … 
We both love to travel and we are regularly invited elsewhere in the world to give ceremonies.

My key words in workshops and coaching are Embody, Empower & Express … Embody, embrace and embrace! Whatever lives inside you, give it the strength or the softness and confidence it needs, through every form of creation (sound, image, movement, drama, play,…). Step out of the grey zone of mediocrity and fear!
My lifemotto: ‘live life as a fascinating, playful and enriching journey’ … and… Follow your Heart and your Soul, they know the way, dare to make choices on your Heart’s path!

I live between Belgium, Holland and Portugal: www.templeoftheearth.org

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